My recent work takes the shape of a room. Sculptural forms and geometric shapes painted on the walls correspond through somewhat familiar household organizations and functions; a short table in the center of the room alludes to a coffee table, a window is a square object on the wall, or even a large piece of soft foam on the floor becomes a gathering space for sitting, similar to a couch. At the same time the work defies these functions through its ambiguity and versatility, creating a surreal environment balanced through colors, shapes, and textures. The work is driven by questions surrounding the human relationship to space; in what ways are we shaping and shaped by space? How is space an interconnected system?

A ritual of walking guides my formal palette. On my daily walks with my dog I attempt to consciously sense my surroundings; what do I see, smell, hear, touch, or taste? I currently reside in Tucson, Arizona where the environment is constantly flooded with sunlight. Colors are simultaneously saturated yet softened and sun-bleached, shadows are dark and elongated, and architecture is illuminated against the sky, whose textures and colors drastically change during the monsoon season.

I regard these surroundings as a set and its props; objects, arrangements, and backdrops which are activated by the human interaction that takes place within and through them. With both form and function in mind these elements are simplified and rearranged to create my own interactive set, which celebrates, comfort, playfulness, and community.