My work is driven by the illusions found within architecture, common materials, and the gullible nature of human perception. Domestic surfaces of our everyday quietly toy with our visual perception: formica, vinyl stickers, and linoleum trick us into perceiving wood, granite, steel, or stone. In the urban landscape patterns within tile or brickwork seem to change when looked at for too long, and static, individual rectangles become zig-zags and staircases. The sky is reflected on a shiny window or puddle so accurately that it seems like there must be a hole present, revealing a new layer where the sky resides. Although deceptive, noticing these illusions allows for escapes from reality. Using a lens that is both sci-fi and absurd, my work dramatizes these instances in order to personify the urban and domestic environment. Familiar arrangements and functions of mundane objects are abstracted to create spaces that are surreal and interactive: curved foam covered in soft, gray, fabric alludes to hard cement, doorways and windows are painted onto walls with cloudy textures, and cement and steel objects can be held and manipulated. The work becomes a site for performance and playful indulgence in ubiquitous, typically unnoticeable, materials and their visual tricks. By elevating the camouflaged surfaces of our everyday, I want to inspire a more intimate, imaginative relationship with seeing.